Entry point watch list, closing alerts, and community benefits.

We are currently in the process of vetting traders to make contributions to our community. Join our email list for updates on our traders’ journeys in the $1 to $10,000 challenge!

Want trade ideas right now? Join our affiliate chat service for a great trading community to swap ideas with and learn. The admin of the chat service makes some great calls, and will send you text alerts if you so desire. The group focuses on options trading, but the ideas behind the trades are also helpful if your trading shares. Send an email to to request access.


Our premium membership includes a chat service hosted by our partner using Facebook messenger. In this room you can learn from traders just like you as well as the group admin who will advise on short term trades, earnings, and news events. Improve your trading skills by seeing how others might trade differently than you.


We’d love to answer questions about why we are excited about a particular trade. Pick our brain to get a better idea of our thought process and decide for yourself if you agree that it’s the right pick. Stuck in a uncomfortable trade of your own? We’re more than happy to take a quick look and offer our opinion.

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts about upcoming trades and watch list ideas. These trades are posted on the website, but only after entry parameters have been satisfied. Get alerts when profit opportunity is at it’s peak. We will also send an alert when we have exited a trade, which is not available at all to the public.